My work is inspired by the Maine coast and gardens, infused with mystery, joy and the semi-abstracted. I'm absolutely intoxicated by color and am deeply drawn to the natural plants and elements within nature. 

My approach to making art is in every respect an emotional process, spontaneous and intuitive as much as possible. I use varied patterns and bold lines, layers of texture and strong contrasts in light to convey moods captured at a moment in time. There are no limits on the techniques I use to create as each day I learn something new about myself and the art I bring into existence. I am engaged in an intimate visual conversation between the viewer and myself. 

At this moment I am exploring a variety of printmaking, experimental drawing techniques. I am interested in using this mixture of approaches to discover the relics hidden beneath the many layers of my psyche, encouraging revelations. This visual exploration also connects me to the powerful healing and spiritual components of art. Wassily Kandinsky has always been a source of inspiration for me. Through abstraction, he was able to detach from the observed naturalistic world and connect with viewers on a

spiritual level.


As I continue with my interest in printmaking, I find myself fascinated with the work of Blanche Lazzell. She was a founding member of the Provincetown Printers, a group of artists who experimented with a white-line woodcut technique based on the traditional Japanese woodblock prints.